Washyard Laundromat offers an array of world-class commercial laundry equipment and a serene and fun environment that makes laundry an enjoyable experience. We also reward customers for every Naira spent on washing and drying.
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Self Wash and Dry

Love to Do-it-Yourself? We too! Washyard has high-efficiency and high-capacity washers and dryers. Saving you hours of laundry time and allowing you have fun while at it.

Drop off Wash and Dry

Got a mound of dirty laundry but you haven't got the time? Just drop it off, and we'll do the magic: separate lights from darks, then wash in optimum temperature and dry on medium heat. We're good at this!

Dry Only

So you just want to dry your laundry? We've got something for that too. Customers can come in with their already washed laundry and dry them using our dryers. Easy Peasy.


You love to do your laundry but can’t stand ironing? We’ve got you covered. Our instant and quick turnaround ironing service is ideal for customers who want a clean smart finish to their laundry.

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